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Below are free solo transcriptions I have completed to aid in my development as a musician. You will find transcriptions of solos by Cannonball Adderley, Vincent Herring, Kenny Garrett, Sonny Stitt, Antonio Hart, Michael Brecker, Jackie McLean, Eddie Harris, Joe Henderson, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, and Hank Mobley, amongst many others. These transcriptions are intended solely for educational use and are not to be sold/posted elsewhere online. My goal for these transcriptions is to assist students with their practicing and help spread the word about all of these excellent artists. I hope they will be of use in your practicing sessions - remember, aim to use these transcriptions to check your own work rather than simply reading off of them! You will get much more out of transcribing a solo by ear first and memorizing it rather than reading it off of an already completed transcription.


If you are looking for my Chad LB, Vincent Herring/Eric Alexander, Sam Dillon, Andrew Gould, or Mike Tucker transcription books, click here.

While I have been completing all of these transcriptions, I have also been keeping a separate document of shapes/licks over different chord qualities (min7, maj7, dom7, altered dominant, dom7b9, m7b5) that I come across often. I have compiled these shapes into my PDF release, Common Jazz Shapes and Phrases. This PDF includes 155 shapes that can be applied to common jazz progressions to create your own jazz vocabulary and phrases. The second section of the PDF includes 33 example phrases over various ii-V-I chord progressions to illustrate how you can combine the shapes to create your own jazz lines and phrases.

If you find these transcriptions useful, please consider supporting me by checking out my Store page, purchasing books I have completed with Vincent Herring/Eric Alexander, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Sam Dillon/Andrew Gould, and Mike Tucker, or through the donate button below. Your support is greatly appreciated!

If there is a transcription you don't see here and would like the PDF for, check here or send me a message on my Contact page to purchase.

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